On July 4th 2014, I was celebrating the holiday, like so many others do, at a pool party in Las Vegas. As the sun beat down, the drinks kept flowing and the music kept pounding, I knew I needed to get something nutritious in my body. Options were limited to the typical food you'd find at any pool, bar or restaurant. The obvious problem was, once I ate, I was done! All I wanted to do was get out of there and back to my room.

Thus, Re-up was born!

Re-up is everything healthy you need to keep you going, while avoiding the party ending "THUMP" you get from eating a big meal.

Re-up uses only the finest ingredients including 21 grams of the highest grade, most digestible Collagen protein, which allows for the highest absorption rates to replenish muscle mass. We use the highest-grade B-12 which plays a crucial role in helping the body produce energy and red blood cells while supporting neurocognitive health.

Re-up is committed to bringing you the highest grade products that allow you to maximize your experience...period!